By opening the treasure troves of history, we can activate ideas, ingredients or methods for inspiration and combine them with what modernity offers.

Let us allow ingenuity, sustainability and originality to become our guiding light. Let us honor the gifts of nature and make demands of those who have made agricultural products for over a thousand years.  Let us communicate, increase co-operation between different fields as knowledge transference is the driving force behind innovation and development. It is important to invest in the future and a healthy local food system is the place to start.

Matís (the Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D) has played a leading role in assisting and consulting entrepreneurs in the food and ingredients sector. They work both globally and domestically. Read their Nordbio report from 2017 . You can read about many Icelandic innovation projects focusing on  increased sustainability of food production and utilizing better bio-resources by creating new value from side streams of food processing.

Nurturing the future is an opportunity for investors. Below you can see the results from a few of Iceland’s food entrepreneurs and pioneers.

Food entrepreneurs in Iceland