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Mentioning the Icelandic horse cannot be avoided. Like the sheep, it has been our rock for centuries. Horses were our primary mode of transportation far into the 20th century along with being our central support in various agricultural activities.

When Iceland converted to Christianity, eating horse meat was outlawed. In the past, everything was better than eating horse meat. It was said that one could smell it on people if they had eaten horsemeat. Those who did so were not welcomed into God’s house and either refused entrance or made to sit at the back, arriving last and leaving first.

However today, many Icelanders enjoy eating horse meat. It can be found on the menus of the most excellent restaurants. Horse meat is often prepared in the same way as beef. The Japanese have imported our horse meat and are more appreciative of it than we are.

Most horse farmers raise horses for riding and breeding. Horse rentals are widespread and are an essential part of domestic and foreign tourism.