Taste and Heritage

We are blessed with a culinary heritage founded on a valuable tradition of innovation that has been passed down for generations. The purpose of Iceland’s Culinary Treasures is to utilize our culinary treasures to further advance domestic value creation in culinary tourism, product development, and image construction. The guiding light will be a sustainable food policy in the spirit of the UN’s global goals. The aim is to bring Icelanders and foreign guests to a buffet of Icelandic delicacies, to illuminate their singularity and wholesomeness and to call on the history revealed in Icelandic cuisine and culinary traditions.

Our Heritage-Your Treat


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Regional Food Culture

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The uniqueness and purity of Icelandic ingredients are the foundation of Iceland’s image as a culinary country. Favorable conditions allow Icelanders to produce quality food based on sustainable development, and the Arctic’s importance as a source of food will increase in the coming years and decades.

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Sustainability, Health & Wellness

Sustainable Iceland

Sustainability is the leitmotif of the future. Sustainable development is defined as fulfilling the needs of the present without diminishing the opportunities of future generations to do the same. It encompasses environmental protection, the use of clean energy, increased employment opportunities, emphasis on cultural values and tradition, peace, security and economic growth.

Sustainability in the food sector is defined as the production and consumption of food that promotes the health of those who inhabit the earth and the environment we live in, now and in the future.

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About Us

On the one hand, the primary purpose of Iceland’s Culinary Treasures is to strengthen our image as a culinary nation domestically and increase the demand for Icelandic food. On the other hand, our goal is to support projects that promote food tourism and other professional opportunities relating to our culinary treasures around the country. The guiding light will be a sustainable food policy of the UN’s global goals and the collaboration of industries.

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