Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Peppers

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Tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers are the predominant products of greenhouse farming in Iceland.

In the 18th century, tomato growing took off in Europe, mostly in southern France and Italy. The first news of tomato growing in Iceland came in 1925 when Bjarni Ásgeirsson started growing tomatoes in a greenhouse at his farm Reykir in Mosfellsbær. Tomatoes are loaded with nutrients and rich in vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes also contain significant amounts of Lycopene.

In Iceland, we grow regular and smaller sized cucumbers, and experiments are being done with using Icelandic cucumbers in cosmetics. Cucumbers are 96% water and packed with A-, B- and C-vitamins.

Peppers are packed with B- and C-vitamins and come in three varieties, green, yellow and red. Their origins can be traced to Central- and South-America.