Svavar and Berglind, young farmers on Karlsstaðir in East Iceland, have been developing a new brand of chips from home grown Rutabaga (Swede). Their production is known as Sveitasnakk (Country crisps), honest and healthy snack alternative. They felt the need for chips made from quality material that could easily be grown in Iceland. So they ended up experimenting with the Rutabaga which is sometimes called “The Oranges of the North” because of it’s great source of vitamin-C. The Rutabaga is sliced and baked (not deep fried) and then it’s spiced with fresh chili, fresh garlic, and sea salt. All recent taste tests of the product has absolutely evaporated from the bowls! Other snack productions have been made with kelp and potatoes.

They also make Bulsur (vegan sausages) which are available in many food stores in Iceland.