Skinboss scrub & bathsalt

While some exfoliates can be dehydrating or irritating, SkinBoss coffee scrub is nourishing, gentle and rejuvenating—which is exactly what your skin needs right now. It sloughs off dead skin cells ,gives you a rosy glow and most importantly makes your body feel super clean and moisturized. The blend of powerful antioxidants coffee and birch leaves handpicked on Icelandic mountains combined with enzymes and skin soothing cocoa-butter makes this a must have for the cold winter months when your skin is needing extra love. Or the bikini season when you want to sport glowing healthy skin.

Vatnajökull Bathsalt
Is a combination of wild Icelandic herbs. Birch leaves help flush out excess water weight, rich in vitamin C, full of antioxidants and healing.Thyme is good for swelling and acne.Yarrow has healing and softening properties for the skin. French Lavender and Cocoa butter from Africa further nourish your skin.  Coconut oil, essential orange oil and Epsom salt that fills your body with magnesium, gets rid of excess water and stimulates the lymphatic system.